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Walk into our safe havens and experience our diverse handcrafted classes, dual locations, schedule variety and rock-star staff.

At Work it Out you have the freedom to customize your weekly workouts the way that you want and need

them to be. We strongly recommend a healthy balance of classes, encompassing all of our categories.

We offer different experiential workouts including; Ride, Tone, Dance + Core.

No matter what class you choose, all are designed to keep you motivated, challenged and in the best shape of your life.

Our goal is to motivate all women to feel comfortable, strong and confident in their own bodies.

So what are you waiting for? Rebuild your relationship with us, Work it Out.

created by women, for women

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We've taken traditional spin classes and turned them on their head. Our classes are driven by choreography and music. Below you have a selection of rides that let you either dance to the beat, tone your arms, mix it all together or simply ride your heart out.

riding high

Challenge your upper body as this ride incorporates a weighted bar that will target toning your arms so you legs don’t feel like they’re in it alone. This choreographed road will leave you feeling like an expert. Rock out to music and take you spin to the next level.

riding high(er)

Take our fan-favorite RIDING HIGH and turn up the intensity with an additional 10 minutes. With two arms portions, combined with killer choreo- this class will be sure to push you to new limits. 


Riding High meets Tone n' Ohm in our new, blended offering. Enjoy the luxury of moving to the beat both on the bike AND mat. 25 minutes of high intensity spin + 20 minutes of core/stretch + 5 minutes of savasana makes for the perfect triple threat!

blended ride

Put a new spin on cycling with this killer combo. Raise the bar with a ride + sculpt for a 25-minute ride followed by a 25-minute session of toning weights and strengthening core work. You’ll leave feeling two times more proud with double the workout!

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Push yourself in our customized toning classes to tighten up OR tone up all over. These classes range from HIIT, circuit training, total body or body part specific classes. Each is fused with cardio bursts to keep your heart rate up and your muscles burning.

next stop strong

Learn how amazing it feels to tone every inch of your body. No muscle is left behind in this total body circuit class where each station works a different area of your body. These stations, along with bursts of cardio, will keep you hungry for more!

upper class

Perfect your summer tank look using bands and weights to tone and tighten your arms + core. This upper-body focused class works to keep your heart rate up while targeting all upper body muscles. Biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, chest and core are all invited to this targeted soiree muscle development!

sweata weatha 

Raise the temp with a combination of weighted bars, medicine balls, kettlebells and cardio. This intense, non-stop, full body workout is designed to cleanse, challenge and change your body in any weather!

tight end

Hone in your energy with a series of on-target exercises that will strengthen and tone your lower body. Your inner and outer thighs, glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors and calves will be tested to their limits. This toning combined with cardio will result in your tightest tush yet!

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Dance & Core

Dance & Core

We're suckers for the beat and know nothing feels better than getting your body moving and letting everything else go. These classes are designed to incorporate dance-based choreography, along with strength and flexibility elements that appeal to all levels of fitness. The perfect compliment to our toning classes.

ab salute

Join us for a salute to your six pack! Using weights, discs, medicine balls and classic exercises to get the core you’ve always dreamed of. This abdominal-focused class blends both toning and cardio to sculpt and define your torso. Give your mid-section something to brag about!

mat queen

Take on the journey of total body transformation. Challenge your stamina with articulate movements and techniques for discipline and control. Combining the original teachings of Joseph Pilates and WiO accoutrements, this toning session will enhance your core strength, balance and flexibility for everlasting results!  

tone n' ohm

Experience an exclusive, custom crafted hybrid yoga class- merging cardio, toning and a Vinyasa flow all in one. You’ll take on a new meaning to yoga as we combine a fast paced moving meditation, focusing on developing strength + flexibility in equal proportions. An improvement among your balance, resilience, and endurance will give you a refreshed understanding of your body!  


Indulge in static strength training, combined with isometric toning as you treat yourself to a high-energy stretching and dancing session. Barre is a highly effective method that firms, lengthens and shapes your muscles to their optimal form. Through ballet-inspired exercises, this full body toning class incorporates dumbbells, fit balls, and pilates rings for the maximum strength test!

move sweat work

The moment you hear that irresistible beat, your body will change its tune and get ready for a killer cardio dance workout. Whether you’re new to dance or an all-time expert, your goal will unite as one as you begin to nail key movements and tone areas through high-intensity choreography. This class combines a Latin-inspired + hip hop mix with toning in one, for the ultimate high!

she's a knockout

This choreographed cardio boxing class brings a new twist to floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. You’ll leave feeling more powerful than ever with a combo of shadowboxing, weight training, and toning to achieve a lean + strong physique. Conditioning meets dance as you your body and mind release that inner Ali!

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Go Mommy & Co.

Go Mommy & Co.

Hey there HOT mama! Whether you are a mom-to-be, newbie to the mom crew, or a mom-vet. Our Go Mommy & Co. program incorporates small group training, all the way up to Ride classes, with our version of child care, Kids GAP, and everything in between. If you are a busy mom, Kids GAP is perfect so you can workout, while your child learns, plays and does gymnastics! Find a class that works for you and your tot!

bite size barre 

For you and your Bite Size (1 - 18 month old)

Our popular CandyBarre class for you and your cutie. Mamas, you can buckle up your baby in any carrier sling to feel that extra burn — or let your baby hang out in a seat or blanket next to you! As long as you’re not chasing your wee one around the room, they are welcome in class with you. Win-win for new moms and babies! Expecting a baby or looking for a daytime barre class? You should join us too!

kids gap 

Kids Gymnastics And Play ( 12 weeks - 5 years)

Our version of child care. Kids GAP is hosted during specific class times Monday - Friday at our Willow location and 9am Saturday mornings at our River location. Your tot will be treated to age appropriate active play and learning hosted by our trained staff, utilizing gymnastics apparatus, arts and craft activities, and engaging games to support locomotor skills and learning.

Participation is available for a $10 drop in rate, or a 10-Pack for $80. To sign up, look for Kids GAP listed on our MindBody schedule.


kids gymnastics

Our Gymnastics Program for Kids (2 years - 14 years)

Give your child a taste of being a true gymnast in our renowned Hoboken gymnastics program. We welcome children of all skill levels. Visit our gymnastics site for all the details on classes, instructors, workshops, summer camps and more. Click "Kids Gymnastics" in the link above to learn more.