Are you a 1 or 2 class a week kind-a-girl?

No sweat, snag a class pack. Class Packs give you the freedom to take classes any day you wish, any number per day. 

single class

$25 (expires in 1 month)

5 classes

$115 (expires in 1 month)

10 classes

$220 (expires in 3 months)


Give yourself the routine you crave, the workouts you love and become a part of our crew!

12 month membership

Our annual membership $145/month is perfect if you come an average of 3 times (or more) a week, it’s like paying $11.50 per class! The Perks: 1-class/day, access to both studios, and a drop in rate of $10 for a 2nd class in the same day. You’ll also receive 1-Complimentary 90 minute Burn hosted monthly, an online subscription to our WiO Insider, access to our membership concierge service, and a VIP Week to offer a friend!

single month membership

Try our monthly membership $189/month with no commitment. If you are not ready for the year, you can test us out while you decide. This membership auto renews, but you can cancel at any time. You'll receive 1-class/day, access to both studios, and a drop in rate of $10 for a 2nd class in the same day. 

bridal membership

Work it Out Down the Aisle with our signature three month bridal membership. It combines everything we have to offer to help you reach your goals before your big day for $359/month. Includes 1-class a day at either of our studios, four meal planning sessions with our in-house R.D., and three brides ONLY 60-minute burn classes. 


(Kids Gymnastics And Play)

Our version of child care, we want to entertain our little WiO-ers as best we can! And offer a unique, age appropriate child care option we call Kids GAP – gymnastics and active play! This includes physical activities utilizing our gymnastics apparatus, along with fun learning crafts. To participate in our Kids G.A.P. you’ll see it listed on our class schedule for both locations at specific times, please sign your child up on MindBody and we’ll be ready to have some fun when you both come in! Your child must be 12 weeks of age or older.

single kids gap

$10 (expires in 1 month)

10 kids gap

$80 (share it with your 2nd child! expires in 3 months)


Work it Out Nutrition is built off the philosophy that real food and real talk, builds real healthy lifestyles.

next stop skinny²

You've done the class, now add the food! Our signature program priced at $350 (expires in 3 months). Includes a customized monthly menu of food options to help you attain your personal goals, a 1-hour wellness assessment, and three 30 minute one-on-one meetings.

food therapy

Need to vent? Seriously. Come in and let’s talk. $125 per session (expires in 1 month). In a safe environment, get a chance to share your challenges, gain knowledge, and set new goals with concrete next steps to apply outside the studio. Also, this is the perfect follow-up to our packages if you need a refresher. Each session is 1-hour.

bites during your bump  

During your pregnancy, plan out your trimesters with a special wellness plan and learn how to incorporate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. $400 (expires in 4 months).What you eat not only fuels you, but fuels your baby too! We'll work together to build a trimester focused nutrition plan with meal and snack suggestions, as well as other tips to keep you energized. Also, includes a 1-hour wellness assessment, and three 30-minute one-on-one meetings.




new clients

New clients are asked to arrive 15 minutes early for their first class to fill out our info/waiver form and get acquainted with the studio. Be sure to keep a current email and/or cell number on record at all times for class updates and Waitlist notifications. If you participate in our New Client Unlimited Week, it is considered a weekly membership, and our Late Cancel policy applies. If you cancel after the 4-hour period (listed below) or 10:00pm the night before a 6:00-7:15am class, you will be charged a $20 fee (more details below). If you received a Free Class and do not abide by the 4-hour late cancellation period, or by 10:00pm the night before a 6:00-7:15am class, you will be charged the value of a Single Class ($25).


Early Cancellations are made as convenient as possible for classes, burns, and other reservations. To avoid class or burn penalty, you may simply notify us of cancellation online, by phone or by email 4 hours prior to your 8 a.m. or later class. For classes and burns starting before 8:00am, reservations must be cancelled by 10:00pm the previous day. Early cancellations will be credited to your account. Late cancellations or no-shows will result in the loss of a single burn or one class from a Class Pack, or a $20 charge to your credit card for New Client Unlimited Week and Membership clients. To avoid forfeiture of deposit on a nutrition, group, semi or one-on-one private lesson, cancellation requires 24-hours notice. A private event, buy-out or birthday party cancellation requires 7 business days notice. Late cancellation penalties also apply to Waitlist reservations. No exceptions permitted.


You have the option to join the Waitlist if a class is full. Waitlists are considered a reservation. Once on the Waitlist, you are considered available to attend the class unless you cancel. For those clients on Memberships, if you are scheduled for a class on the same day, as a Waitlist reservation, you must have a drop-in class on your account to be associated with that second reservation on the Waitlist. If there is no drop-in on the account, a drop-in will be charged to save the reservation. You may be added from the waitlist up to the start time of class. If you do not want to be added, please remove yourself from the Waitlist or you will be held responsible for attending. You have the choice of a text or email to notify you if a spot opens up within an hour of class start. Waitlist cancellations or no-shows are subject to regular cancellation guidelines and penalties. To avoid penalty, if you cannot attend, be sure to cancel within the required early cancellation time frame. Up to 10 people may join a Waitlist and will be accommodated in the order their reservations were made.

late arrivals

To avoid class disruption, it’s important to be on time. If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will lose your spot in class, and your account will be charged a late cancellation penalty. We encourage you to arrive a few minutes early to give yourself time to prepare before class.


Drop-ins are welcome and may join any class up to 5 minutes after start, space permitting.

class packs + memberships

Both Class Packs and Memberships are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be shared. No expiration extensions are permitted, unless you submit a doctor’s note stating you have an illness or injury that prevents you from working out. Monthly Memberships are binding throughout the contract terms. We do not terminate for any reason, including moving. Clients are responsible for the payments through the end of their contract. New Client Unlimited Week and Memberships start immediately upon purchase and end when the week or last month ends. A discounted $10 drop-in rate is offered to all 12- and Single Month member for a second class in the same day (no more than 2-classes per day). There is no freeze period for Unlimited Week Memberships and 12-Month Memberships can be frozen one time for a 30-day period.  Billing cycle for the 12-Month Membership is processed on the first of the month. All memberships auto renew. An early termination fee for 12-Month Memberships of $350 will be incurred, if you cancel before your contract end date, contact the studio 30-days in advance to avoid contract renewal or an additional billed month. Single Month Memberships need to contact the studio 7-days prior to auto-renew date or cancel online 24-hours in advance of renewal date. No refunds will be given without proper studio notification. All Unlimited Week and Membership clients must keep a current credit card on file. There will be a $30 service fee for a declined credit card. Pricing, classes and instructors are subject to change without notice.

kids gap

We offer organized child care during select morning class times. We ask Moms participating in our Kids Gap Program to pre-register their child in advance of attending class. The child must be at least crawling or 6-months of age to participate. Check our schedule online or call our studio for additional information. There is a fee associated for child care, which can be found on our Pricing page.


Any deals including Groupon/LivingSocial/Amazon Local and local publications are for new clients only. They provide an excellent introduction to the benefits of a WiO workout. Limit one discounted package per client from any one website offer. Coupons and vouchers expire 6 months after purchase. If you did not redeem within the allotted 6 months, please contact the third party in which you purchased the coupon or voucher.


WiO provides you with a daily locker, hand towels and any equipment you need to participate in class. We encourage you to bring water to class, however, we have beverages and granola bars for purchase at the front desk. At our River location, you will need to bring sneakers with you, as you will be participating in a ride and floor workout.

cell phones

Cell phones are prohibited during class hours. If you’re expecting a call that simply can’t wait, you can leave your phone at the front desk, and we’ll get it to you.


WiO suggests comfortable, form-fitting clothing to allow you the freedom of movement you need for all your workouts. Both the River and Willow studios have a Ride Room, where you will wear your sneakers or spin shoes (not required) and a Mat Room, where no sneakers are allowed, but grip socks (or barefoot) are welcome. Grip socks are available for purchase at the front desk for your convenience.